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Company overview

Nitro Capital Private Equity pioneered the value-added investment approach. We partner with management teams to help build and grow great companies. Our success is built on a highly rigorous approach utilizing deep industry/company insights and a significant investment in the resources and expertise to drive strategic and operational transformation at our companies.

Our global team, which now operates in nine offices on four continents, has made more than 760 primary and add-on investments that have generated consistently strong returns. Collectively, more than 10 percent of our private equity funds’ commitments come from our professionals, far in excess of industry convention and reflective of both our strong principal investor mentality and confidence in our ability to generate industry-leading returns.

Company History

Since our founding in 2017 in United Kingdom, our firm has grown into one of the world’s leading private investment firms. Most of Nitro Capital Private Equity’s Managing Directors and team members have worked as strategy consultants advising companies across a wide range of industries. From this heritage, our firm has built upon the experience and ability of our professionals to assess a company’s potential, develop powerful strategies, and implement transformational change in partnership with great management teams.
To date, Nitro Capital Private Equity has raised twelve global private equity funds, four European funds and three Asian funds.